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Monday, September 29, 2014

Toronto Wildlife Centre releases cygnet at Bluffers Sept 2014

3 days before the Trumpeter Swan cygnet had been rescued by Toronto Wildlife Centre staff Sarrah.  The cygnet had a fish hook in his back of leg to bum area.  Hook was removed and quickley returned to the family.

Sarrah releases the little cygnet at Bluffers Park.  

Male runs to meet his missing cygnet

FEmale shows her approval and flaps her wings

Young cygnet quickly runs down the hill to join his 6 other siblings

At the waters edge

Quickly joined by 2 of siblings

Female takes all the 7 cygnets out for a swim.  Male makes sure Sarrah and Andrew stays on shore.  lol

This rescue and release was only possible because Jill Ramsey made the call for help.  A friend had seen the hook, Jill monitored the situation and called when they were on shore.  Sarrah did the perfect rescue and quickly took swan to the TWC.

Thank you all.  

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