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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canada Goose - rescue in Orillia

Canada Goose on the ice.

This is not a happy ending but a humane ending.
Canada goose was one the ice with block of ice on foot.
We captured her using net and rope. We did  not go one ice as it is dangerous.

Jen and her husband took goose to Toronto Wildlife Centre.
She had serious injuries and had to be put down,
Thankfully she was warm, comfortable and had love and food. We knew what the ending may be but we had to try.

All photos copyright by Jen Howard.

 First look at the goose with ice on foot
 Using a net and rope method
 Bob threw the net and was lucky to get him first try. 
 I was holding the rope so we could pull him to shore.
 Captured on shore we rushed him to the car to wrap him in towels and blankets.
click link to see story and photos.

On his way to TWC.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Red Fox video of the release.

A short video of the release of the red fox. Hope this works.


Red Fox rescue and release with Toronto Wildlife Centre Dec 1, 2013

 Back in Sept -  I was able to trap this adult red fox who had mange.
Toronto Wildlife Centre set up the trap and with the help of neighbours we kept an eye out hoping to catch him.
One night I was going to close the trap and there he was inside the trap. Andrew (TWC rescue) came out immediately and top the fox in to the centre.

 Over the next 2 months he was in rehab and this is the shot I took before we captured him at the outdoor centre.

Now comes the release
Opened the cage and away he went.  He was released in the same yard as he was captured.  He knew where he was.

 He left the yard at a run and within a few minutes he came back and checked out the back yard smelling and looking around. 

 As you can see he is now an amazing looking fox. Very large and very beautiful.  thanks TWC.