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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canada Goose - rescue in Orillia

Canada Goose on the ice.

This is not a happy ending but a humane ending.
Canada goose was one the ice with block of ice on foot.
We captured her using net and rope. We did  not go one ice as it is dangerous.

Jen and her husband took goose to Toronto Wildlife Centre.
She had serious injuries and had to be put down,
Thankfully she was warm, comfortable and had love and food. We knew what the ending may be but we had to try.

All photos copyright by Jen Howard.

 First look at the goose with ice on foot
 Using a net and rope method
 Bob threw the net and was lucky to get him first try. 
 I was holding the rope so we could pull him to shore.
 Captured on shore we rushed him to the car to wrap him in towels and blankets.
click link to see story and photos.

On his way to TWC.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Red Fox video of the release.

A short video of the release of the red fox. Hope this works.


Red Fox rescue and release with Toronto Wildlife Centre Dec 1, 2013

 Back in Sept -  I was able to trap this adult red fox who had mange.
Toronto Wildlife Centre set up the trap and with the help of neighbours we kept an eye out hoping to catch him.
One night I was going to close the trap and there he was inside the trap. Andrew (TWC rescue) came out immediately and top the fox in to the centre.

 Over the next 2 months he was in rehab and this is the shot I took before we captured him at the outdoor centre.

Now comes the release
Opened the cage and away he went.  He was released in the same yard as he was captured.  He knew where he was.

 He left the yard at a run and within a few minutes he came back and checked out the back yard smelling and looking around. 

 As you can see he is now an amazing looking fox. Very large and very beautiful.  thanks TWC.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fox with mange trapped on my street. Oct 2013

 Adult fox was seen on street by quite a few people including my husband.  With Toronto Wildlife Centre we set up two traps to catch this poor fox.
Within 10 days we had him.  He is now in the wonderful care of TWC for treatment. 
Mange is treatable.  As you can see his eyes are closed and ears and legs in very poor shape.  With treatment he will look amazing in a couple of months.

Peregrine Falcon - Kendal from Harlequin Building delivered to Owl Foundation. October 2013

 Kendal arrives at the Owl Foundation.  Stacy gives him a check up prior to being put in a flight cage.

 A few months ago Kendal was injured during a horrible storm that hit Toronto area.  He hit a building.  Under the care of Toronto Wildlife Centre that he should be sent to The Owl Foundation.  They have  amazing flight cages and be under the watchful care of Stacy and Annick. 
Hopefully he will recover in order to be set free again. 

 Donna and Stacy taking Kendal to flight cage.  Kendal's nest is across from the Harlequin building.  Donna was the first person to report to Canadian Peregrine Foundation that they had a peregrine nesting on the ledge across from her office.  Kendal mate is Quest from Rochester. 
 New flight cage.  Kendal flew from the entrance to the far end and landed on the upper most ledge.  Not bad for first flight.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eastern Screech Owl released back home Oct 8, 2013

 Stacy does a wellness check
this is a hatch year owl - born this year

 I was able to hold the owl while Stacy banded owl, checked wing length and weighed him
 Donna and I were asked to drop off a peregrine falcon. Luckily an owl need to be released in Toronto. 
Waiting till near dusk we released the screech owl. 
 Owl didsnt want to let go of my glove
 Donna gets ready to release the screech owl
 Peeking out of the box
 Gone -back to the wild

The owl landed in the tree, looked at us and then flew deep in the woods.  Photos by Donna Hayes and Ann Brokelman
Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre, The Owl Foundation and Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Great Horned Owl release with my daughter Julie

Luckily for me Julie was available to take a video of the Great Horned Owl we were releasing in Scarborough.  This was back a two years ago.  The owl was rescued by a man who saw the owl being attacked by a hawk in the water.  The owl was struggling in the water and couldn't get out.
The man went into the water and somehow got the owl to  land then put a chair overtop of it to save it from the hawk (who continued to attack the owl).  Toronto Wildlife was called and they finished the rescue.  The owl then went to The Owl Foundation for months of rehab.

Good work saving this beauty.

Release was amazing. Flew straight to the trees and was not seen again. 

Torontos Wild Turkey rescue by Toronto Wildlfie Centre

It was in the newspaper about this wild turkey in Scarborough.  Even the chief of police was involved in helping it get across the road.  Andrew (TWC rescue staff) called me and said if you see the turkey call me and we will try to rescue it.  1/2 later I made the phone call as the turkey was on Kingston Road (4 lanes of traffic), 3 police cars had surrounded it, and Animal Services and I were trying to steer it off the road.
Luckily the turkey flew to the back of a car dealership.  Andrew and Harry (volunteer rescue staff) arrived and  Andrew with an amazing catch mid air caught the turkey.  WOW now that takes skill. 
The next day I was called to release it north of the city.  Special permission was granted as they did not want the turkey walking Kingston Road again.

The second link is me releasing the wild turkey in a farmers field north of the city. 

Good work by Toronto Wildlife Centre, Toronto Police Services and Animal Services working together. 

Barred Owl release north of Bowmanville with Carol.

Many owls land up in the care of The Owl Foundation and the Toronto Wildlife Centre.  They are starving, hit by a car or hit a window.  This owl was also hit by a car but again thanks to fast work by people who found the owl it was set free.

Carol enjoyed doing the release and I enjoyed watching her do the release.

Barred Owl Release up in north of Markham

Another Barred Owl was hit by a car up north of Markham. Kim took the owl directly to the vets office and he stabilized the owl.  The Owl Foundation was called and the owl went to Vineland for rehab and treatments.  Many months passed and finally the owl was ready for release.  The vet assistant came and joined me with her family for the release.  Away the owl flew and land close to us on a post.  Then flew again to a tree. 

Amazing sight.  More good work by The Owl Foundation and the vets office.
It takes many people to have a good news story.

Eastern Screech Owl release up by Midland

Eastern Screech Owl - the size of a pop can.  The Owl Foundation asked me to release a screech owl as I was on my way up to the Midland area. 
After a 3 hour drive I was a bit worried as when I opened the box the owl was laying flat on her belly with wings out.  YIKES not good.  So I decided to check her out and if necessary back to The Owl Foundation.  Not necessary.  As I was about to check her out the owl went straight up in the air and then flew to the east of me. Over in a couple of second and never saw her again. 

Thank you The Owl Foundation for all your amazing work.
Thanks to Jen Howard to joined me on this release.

Gull Release with Toronto Wildlife Centre
Last summer a group of baby gulls were swept off a building by a power washer.  Many were killed immediately but Toronto Wildlife Centre was able to save quite a few.  Once the gulls had grown up Andrew (TWC lead rescue staff), Chris (volunteer rescue staff) and I went down to lake Ontario and released the gulls.  Andrew wanted the gulls to go on the rocks before flying away.  Man this was one of the coolest days. 

Thanks for asking me to join you Andrew and Chris.

Mute Swan - juvenile released back to Bluffers Park

Many days after work I go to Bluffers Park to watch the ducks and swans.  Mira a young mute swan was found by a group of swan watchers.  She was a very sick young swan.  Toronto Wildlife Centre was called and took Mira into the centre.  She was suffering from lead poising.  She had ingested a sinker and it was in her belly. After surgery and many many months of rehab the swan was finally ready to be taken back to her home.  Here she is on her release back into the wild.  TWC and the Volunteer Swan watchers have saved many Trumpeter and Mute Swans.  thank you.

Canada Goose Release with Toronto Wildlife Centre

This Canada Goose was in the right place when injured.  A young couple saw the goose get hit by car and took it to the Wildlife Centre right away.  Andrew (TWC rescue staff ) is releasing the goose back in the wild after many months in rehab.  The couple stood with us as he left the cage and returned to the wild. 
Poor thing was chased by another goose but got away ok.
Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre

Loon Rescue with Toronto Wildlife Centre 2013

I was fortunate to be invited to help with a Loon Rescue.  The loon had landed in a small creek with no chance of getting out. (Loon's need a long water runway to get up in the air) as well as no food available in the creek.
Working with Andrew and Sarah (TWC staff) and another volunteer Max the loon was captured, taken to TWC for a check up and then release back in Lake Ontario.

A wonderful day and all because of the Toronto Wildlife Centre.
You guys just plain rock.

Mink Release with Toronto Wildlife Centre 2013

Went with Andrew (lead rescue staff from Toronto Wildlife Centre) to release a mink. It was quite the climb but really worth it. The mink ran around and around the cage and finally disappeared in the rocks.   Thank you Andrew. 

Barred Owl Release with Lee Aug 2013

Video and Photos of a Barred Owl Release with Lee.
A wonderful release for The Owl Foundation.

Fox Release Video 2013

Barred Owl Video - Lori's Owl in Midland

A quick video of the release of a Barred Owl.
Testing to see if this works.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Barred Owl release just north of Midland - Sept 18, 2013

Thanks to Lori who found the owl on the side the road and made the call for help back in the spring. Thanks to The Owl Foundation Annick and Stacy for the wonderful rehab work a Barred Owl was released back where she was found. It was a beautiful evening with friend Pam Higgins, Lori Dubeau, her husband, sister and brother we released the large female Barred Owl into the woods. The first set of shots were taken by Pam Higgins (70-200 F2.8) as it was fairly dark in the woods. She captured the opening of the box to the owl flying away. Wow great work Pam. The next shots are mine as the owl went from branch to branch exploring its area. I used my 400mm F5.6 with high ISO.
This was one of the best owl releases I have ever done. The owl was in no rush to leave but able to fly and wander around. In the spring Lori told me the owls eye was closed and he was not able to move very well. They believe he was hit by a car. She took him home and put him in the heated garage till they could get help in the morning. The Owl Foundation took care the next steps. Thank you to all - Another Barred Owl free. As you can see - the owl has totally recovered from the injury.