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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coyote release by Toronto Wildlife Centre Nov 2014

I call them the A team of wildlife rescue and release.  Andrew Sarrah and Stacey from the Toronto wildlife centre.

Coyote successful caught in wildlife cage after 2 months of treatment for mange.  A V hook is used to control the coyote and for safety of everyone.  Look how healthy this coyote is, bright yellow eyes, hair all grown in.  AMAZING
Ministry of Natural Resources puts back on the tracking devise and makes sure there is room underneath. 
Last check to make sure all is working.

Stacey and Andrew take the coyote to the van for release

and he is off - photo by Chris McConnell
Two photos of release by volunteer staff Chris McConnell.. 

Coyote Rescue and Release team.  What an honour to be part of the team

Mange can be treated.  This is the same coyote 2 month at capture. Make the call for sick animals. 
Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre, Ministry of Natural Resources and all the volunteers
Photo credit to TWC

Red Fox 1st year fox now at Toronto Wildlife for mange Oct 2014

Luckily for this young fox he has a friend called Irene.  She saw this fox sleeping on her back porch and called TWC for help. We set up the trap where the fox was going and put the blanket he slept on inside.  Four days later we had the young fox.  He I well on his way to recovery.  He is one of the lucky ones who will have a second chance.  Thanks Irene and Toronto Wildlife.

You can see the mange in his face, eyes closed and ratty ears.  In a couple of month he will be beautiful again.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Northern Goshawk released by Toronto Wildlife Centre Nov 8, 2014

Andrew head of rescue at Toronto Wildlife Centre returns goshawk to where he was found.  A few weeks back the Northern Goshawk had been found stunned in a backyard (possible a window strike).Thanks to TWC he is now ready to be released.  Andrew released the bird, with Stacey, Harry, Chris M and myself were so lucky to watch.

Jumps out of the box

And the goshawk is off

what a beauty.  Look at those markings

Hatch year male Northern Goshawk! The wavy tail striping and lack of an obvious white tip to the tail rules out Cooper's. The long tail rules out most of the buteos, and the thick, greyish (vs. thin brownish) tails bands and lack of a pale crescent in the "hand" of the wing rules out Red-shouldered. PHOTOS and explanation by Amanda Guercio .     Amanda banding the above bird for the TWC so they can hopefully find out how this hawk does in the futue.

The last three shots were taken at the Rosetta Raptor Watch on Thursday.  This is not the same bird but it is also a hatch year northern goshawk.

Incredible hawk. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Short-eared Owls - a series of photos once they were released Oct 2014

This was the third owl who landed near us. Again thanks to The Owl Foundation for helping these species at risk owls.

Too cute

2nd owl on flight to freedom

Love this shot.  Natural colour, branches for the owl to fly to.

Third owl first flight. 
The first owl was gone so fast the only photo were from Charm from the cage.  The second on flew around and gave us a nice flight. The last one landed in the tree very close but did not stay long.  
Good luck my beauties.


Short-eared Owls released for The Owl Foundation.

Look at htose eyes.

First Short-eared Owl released - photo by Charm Anderson

Amazing shot

Second one was a bit more shy.  Photo by Charm

Third Short-eared Owl Release by Charm  - Last two shots by me.

An amazing experience for Charm, Keith and myself.  They all flew out of the cage well.  Charm called them popcorn as they kept bouncing up and down before door opened.  

Thank you The Owl Foundation for all your work to rescue, rehab and then release the owls.

Short Eared Owls released for The Owl Foundation Oct 2014

Too darn cute for words
 The Owl Foundation asked me to release three short eared owls.  Oh yes I said and  it was amazing and totally wonderful to see them up.  
If you have never been to the Owl Foundation with a donation to the foundation they have 2 weeks where all donors are allowed to view the facility.  So worth it.  

see my little tuffs on my head

Annick from The Owl Foundation.  She is amazing.  XX

I was so thrilled to hold this beauty.  One of three

See the pink tones on the inside of the wing

The inside of the Flight cage.  Lots of space, trees, branches and sharp corners to learn how to fly in wild.