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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Merlin release for Toronto Willdlife Centre April 2015

A great adventure with Anne Kramer to release a merlin for Toronto Wildlife Centre.
We went to  escarpment to let him go.
The merlin was so ready.

Out of the box talons first
then in a flash he was up in the air.

Terrific shots by Anne Kramer.

We were excited as the merlin gave us a nice circle above our heads and then in a flash was gone.
Two hours later a Merlin was reported over RBC Gardens in Burlington.

 A series of shot of the release 


Screech Owl release in April 2015

This was one lucky owl.  thanks to a gentleman by Peterborough who saw the owl on the road and went to check and see what it was.  He quickly saw the owl was injured.  He drove some distance until he finally got help for the owl.  He told me he drove with one hand on wheel and the owl on his finger with the other.
Eventually the owl got to Toronto Wildlife Centre for many months of care.
And then finally time to be set free.
So back to the same place he was found the owl.

He really did not want to leave the box.

But when he did leave he landed on a branch right in front of us.  On the red fire branches.  We saw him for no more than 10 seconds and then he was gone.

 Barbara Reid joined me on this release.  We enjoyed a drive in the country and then finally to release the owl.  What a feeling of joy and happiness because
one person helped the owl 
TWC helped the owl get better
and then he was set free back in the wild.


Brown Pelican rescue in Florida Jan 2015

Janet and I went for a drive to see eagles and burrowing owls in Cape Coral.  We heard about a town call Pine Island so away we went.  As we arrived on the island we saw pelicans on the top of boat masts and on a bridge.  We stopped the car to look around.  Much to my surprise Janet says look at all the pelicans over at the back door.  I went over to see them  and the lady told me they were trying to catch the pelican with fishing line on his wing.

So I grabbed the box beside me and put it over top of the pelican.

The other lady grabbed his bill.  Another lady grabbed his side and I grabbed the body and wing.
The owner of the store came out with plyers and quickly took out the fishing line and hook.

Out come fishing line
and then even cooler the owner came out with a whole fish for the young brown pelican to eat.
He quickly took his food and was chased by 5 of his buddies as he ran away.
What a great team rescue.
All photo taken by Janet 

Our trip was wonderful to Florida.  Saw many birds and animals but the pelican rescue was a highlight for me .

We also had a turtle rescue on the way to Orlando.

Snapping Turtle rescue in Algonquin with Jennifer April 2015

Jen and I were driving back to hotel when we saw a car pulled over.  Hoping for a moose we were surprised to see a huge snapping turtle wanting to cross the road.  Hwy 60 is full of fast truck.  Went into Jens car to see a towel. Picked up the turtle and asked Jen if any cars coming and took him across the road.  He was really heavy.

While crossing the road he kept hitting my hands with his legs and feet.

Across the road and he jumped out of my hands to get back to the marsh.  We watched him for a bit and then continued on.

Safe another day.
Thanks to my daughter Jennifer for the photos.

Dean - Trumpeter Swan released by Gary April 2015

Dean aka M45 was found sick in Whitby.  Taken to Wild Earth Refuge then Sandy Pine Wildlife Centre he was rehabilitated and ready to go back home.
Gary finder of the swan invited Carol and I to join him.
Dean was so excited to get home he left the bag early.

But was finally enjoying the water and preening in it.


Transport cage 

Carol enjoying the beach

Gary happy to have his swan back.

Warblers and Thrush release for Toronto Wildlife Centre May 2015

So far behind on releases.  On Wednesday I volunteer at the TWC feeding baby squirrels.  Told them if they needed any releases I could do them before my shift.
Luckily for me they had 6 birds to be released.
The first one was a Cape May Warbler.  Wow what a beauty.

Also a Black and White Warbler

Hermit Thrush 

And a few more birds that I could not get photos of.
Brown Thrasher
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
White Throated Sparrow

Then after my shift I released 7 bunny back in the wild.
Long day but a great day.

All thanks to Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Toronto Wildlife Centre helping Coyotes Nov 2014

Thanks to the Toronto Wildlife Centre 3 young coyotes got a second chance.  All three had severe mange.
With a bit of medication and lots of rehab they were finally ready to go.
Here you will see photos of the beauties running and getting more muscle to go.

All photos copyright Toronto Wildlife Centre

youngest one

working together


Are they gone yet.