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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Eastern Screech Owl released Early September 2014

The Owl Foundation called to let me know they had a beautiful ginger eastern  screech owl to release.  I said oh yes I will help. With Charm, and her three children we went to the location where owl was found and released him back in the bushes.
In this photo I took a photo of owl prior to release.  You can see one eye.

Can you see the top of his head

Charm does it again.  Captured perfectly out of the box and into the woods.

Her daughter also captured this amazing shot of the owl flight to freedom.

Again thanks to the person who made the call for this injured Screech Owl, The Owl Foundation for the rehabbing and care of the owl.  Thank you to Charms and her family for joining me on this amazing release.

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