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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fox with mange trapped on my street. Oct 2013

 Adult fox was seen on street by quite a few people including my husband.  With Toronto Wildlife Centre we set up two traps to catch this poor fox.
Within 10 days we had him.  He is now in the wonderful care of TWC for treatment. 
Mange is treatable.  As you can see his eyes are closed and ears and legs in very poor shape.  With treatment he will look amazing in a couple of months.

Peregrine Falcon - Kendal from Harlequin Building delivered to Owl Foundation. October 2013

 Kendal arrives at the Owl Foundation.  Stacy gives him a check up prior to being put in a flight cage.

 A few months ago Kendal was injured during a horrible storm that hit Toronto area.  He hit a building.  Under the care of Toronto Wildlife Centre that he should be sent to The Owl Foundation.  They have  amazing flight cages and be under the watchful care of Stacy and Annick. 
Hopefully he will recover in order to be set free again. 

 Donna and Stacy taking Kendal to flight cage.  Kendal's nest is across from the Harlequin building.  Donna was the first person to report to Canadian Peregrine Foundation that they had a peregrine nesting on the ledge across from her office.  Kendal mate is Quest from Rochester. 
 New flight cage.  Kendal flew from the entrance to the far end and landed on the upper most ledge.  Not bad for first flight.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eastern Screech Owl released back home Oct 8, 2013

 Stacy does a wellness check
this is a hatch year owl - born this year

 I was able to hold the owl while Stacy banded owl, checked wing length and weighed him
 Donna and I were asked to drop off a peregrine falcon. Luckily an owl need to be released in Toronto. 
Waiting till near dusk we released the screech owl. 
 Owl didsnt want to let go of my glove
 Donna gets ready to release the screech owl
 Peeking out of the box
 Gone -back to the wild

The owl landed in the tree, looked at us and then flew deep in the woods.  Photos by Donna Hayes and Ann Brokelman
Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre, The Owl Foundation and Canadian Peregrine Foundation.