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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Torontos Wild Turkey rescue by Toronto Wildlfie Centre

It was in the newspaper about this wild turkey in Scarborough.  Even the chief of police was involved in helping it get across the road.  Andrew (TWC rescue staff) called me and said if you see the turkey call me and we will try to rescue it.  1/2 later I made the phone call as the turkey was on Kingston Road (4 lanes of traffic), 3 police cars had surrounded it, and Animal Services and I were trying to steer it off the road.
Luckily the turkey flew to the back of a car dealership.  Andrew and Harry (volunteer rescue staff) arrived and  Andrew with an amazing catch mid air caught the turkey.  WOW now that takes skill. 
The next day I was called to release it north of the city.  Special permission was granted as they did not want the turkey walking Kingston Road again.

The second link is me releasing the wild turkey in a farmers field north of the city. 

Good work by Toronto Wildlife Centre, Toronto Police Services and Animal Services working together. 

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