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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Red Fox Release

Amazing fox release with Andrew (Toronto Wildlife Centre), Norma and Al (friends of all wildlife)
Before I tell you about the fox you must hear this. Norma and Al were able to catch this sick mangy fox in a record of 2 hours. The trap was set by Toronto wildlife Centre and Norma and Al watched it. The fox came up the backyard and went into the cage (it normally takes a few weeks to catch one) but in 2 hours the wildlife centre was called back to pick up the fox. Norma and Al have helped many foxes in the neighbourhood. The fox waits patiently for release
Norma get the honour of opening the door
Once the door is open it does not take more than a second for the fox (female) to get out and decide which way she wants to go.
What a beautiful fox
Love this shot. You can see her beautiful brown eyes, and healthy red coat.
Hello Beautiful
The release went without a hitch. As the fox left and dissappeared a second fox came into the back yard and followed the newly released fox path. Thank you again to the Toronto Wildlife Centre, Andrew and Norma and Al. It was wonderful to see the neighbours out to watch the fox go back to the wild. The wildlife centre has to move to a new location and is trying to raise funds for this. Any and all donations are welcome. Give the gift of rehab and freedom for our urban animals.

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