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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Peregrine Falcon - Kendal from Harlequin Building delivered to Owl Foundation. October 2013

 Kendal arrives at the Owl Foundation.  Stacy gives him a check up prior to being put in a flight cage.

 A few months ago Kendal was injured during a horrible storm that hit Toronto area.  He hit a building.  Under the care of Toronto Wildlife Centre that he should be sent to The Owl Foundation.  They have  amazing flight cages and be under the watchful care of Stacy and Annick. 
Hopefully he will recover in order to be set free again. 

 Donna and Stacy taking Kendal to flight cage.  Kendal's nest is across from the Harlequin building.  Donna was the first person to report to Canadian Peregrine Foundation that they had a peregrine nesting on the ledge across from her office.  Kendal mate is Quest from Rochester. 
 New flight cage.  Kendal flew from the entrance to the far end and landed on the upper most ledge.  Not bad for first flight.

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