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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Screech Owl release in April 2015

This was one lucky owl.  thanks to a gentleman by Peterborough who saw the owl on the road and went to check and see what it was.  He quickly saw the owl was injured.  He drove some distance until he finally got help for the owl.  He told me he drove with one hand on wheel and the owl on his finger with the other.
Eventually the owl got to Toronto Wildlife Centre for many months of care.
And then finally time to be set free.
So back to the same place he was found the owl.

He really did not want to leave the box.

But when he did leave he landed on a branch right in front of us.  On the red fire branches.  We saw him for no more than 10 seconds and then he was gone.

 Barbara Reid joined me on this release.  We enjoyed a drive in the country and then finally to release the owl.  What a feeling of joy and happiness because
one person helped the owl 
TWC helped the owl get better
and then he was set free back in the wild.


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