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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Brown Pelican rescue in Florida Jan 2015

Janet and I went for a drive to see eagles and burrowing owls in Cape Coral.  We heard about a town call Pine Island so away we went.  As we arrived on the island we saw pelicans on the top of boat masts and on a bridge.  We stopped the car to look around.  Much to my surprise Janet says look at all the pelicans over at the back door.  I went over to see them  and the lady told me they were trying to catch the pelican with fishing line on his wing.

So I grabbed the box beside me and put it over top of the pelican.

The other lady grabbed his bill.  Another lady grabbed his side and I grabbed the body and wing.
The owner of the store came out with plyers and quickly took out the fishing line and hook.

Out come fishing line
and then even cooler the owner came out with a whole fish for the young brown pelican to eat.
He quickly took his food and was chased by 5 of his buddies as he ran away.
What a great team rescue.
All photo taken by Janet 

Our trip was wonderful to Florida.  Saw many birds and animals but the pelican rescue was a highlight for me .

We also had a turtle rescue on the way to Orlando.

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