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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Screech Owl released back in the wild. Thanks TWC. Dec 2014

It was a cold and windy night with a bit of snow falling down.  Toronto Wildlife Centre dropped off a eastern screech owl to be returned to him area.  Stacey and Jeannie handed me a big box that we put in the car with seat belt on it.  The box was bouncing around and I drove quickly to get the owl to the release site.
The time was 5:30pm

I had on my head lamp and the car lights to help me safely move  around. I opened the box and out flew the largest screech owl I have ever seen.  His wings were huge.  I did not even have the box opened when the owl was trying to get out.
I was so surprised to see him land in the closest tree.  He looked up and down and all around.  You could tell he knew she was home.  I had a couple of seconds to take a few photos with my cell phone and point and shoot.
 Then in a blink she was gone.


Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre for your care of all animals.
With out your help this owl would not have survived.

Thank you volunteer rescue staff  Max for picking up the injured bird.
Stacey and Jeannie who dropped him off for me to release.

A moment in time I will never forget.  

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