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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Northern Goshawk released by Toronto Wildlife Centre Nov 8, 2014

Andrew head of rescue at Toronto Wildlife Centre returns goshawk to where he was found.  A few weeks back the Northern Goshawk had been found stunned in a backyard (possible a window strike).Thanks to TWC he is now ready to be released.  Andrew released the bird, with Stacey, Harry, Chris M and myself were so lucky to watch.

Jumps out of the box

And the goshawk is off

what a beauty.  Look at those markings

Hatch year male Northern Goshawk! The wavy tail striping and lack of an obvious white tip to the tail rules out Cooper's. The long tail rules out most of the buteos, and the thick, greyish (vs. thin brownish) tails bands and lack of a pale crescent in the "hand" of the wing rules out Red-shouldered. PHOTOS and explanation by Amanda Guercio .     Amanda banding the above bird for the TWC so they can hopefully find out how this hawk does in the futue.

The last three shots were taken at the Rosetta Raptor Watch on Thursday.  This is not the same bird but it is also a hatch year northern goshawk.

Incredible hawk. 

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