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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Red-tailed hawk two releases with Andew TWC

Andrew checking to make sure it is the right red tailed hawk.  There were three in the cage.  
 This red-tailed hawk has a bit of a history.  I watch the peregrine falcons at the Harlequin Building.  Quest and Sky are very protective of their space.  Back a few months ago this young Red-tailed hawk was being attacked by Quest and Sky to get him out of their territory.  Luckily this hawk had a friends and Sally and Don rescued him and took him to Toronto Wildlife Centre.  They cleaned him up, gave him some good food and then released him back in the wild.  Red-tailed hawk are on migration right now so they were able to release him away from the peregrine area.
He also does a wellness check to make sure bird is ready to fly.

A fantastic family with lots of property allowed us to release the hawk in their back farm area.  Perfect location for hunting and getting back on his feet. Andrew releases the cage.

The hawk was so ready to get out of cage.

He gained height and slowly made a right hand turn and flew right over us.

Good luck.  

This second red-tailed hawk was released where he was found.

Andrew - head of TorontoWildlife Centre rescue staff  and friend sent this beauty free

evil eye telling me I better get a shot of him.

Landed in tree a bit unsteady and very quickly flew again

And then he high perched on the tallest tree to decide where to go next.  Great day with Andrew.  Every day is a wonderful learning day.


  1. Thank you for these wonderful photos. Just makes my heart sing.

    1. Thank you for your amazing comments. Ann

  2. Ann, thanks for the great work that you, other volunteers, TWC and the Owl foundation are doing for wildlife

    El Man