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This blog is dedicated to the amazing wildlife rescue staff. Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eastern Screech Owl release for The Owl Foundation

This lovely little eastern gray screech was released back where he was found.  
As a owlette he fell out of the tree ( and was not ready to leave the tree) and a huge search was had to find his mother owl.  No luck so the owl was sent to The Owl Foundation and was brought up by a foster mom.  A eastern screech owl foster mom. The mom would feed baby, and teach him house to be an owl.  The owlette only contact would be with other screech owls. 
Once the owlette was old enough he was put in a flight training cage and he learned how to catch mice. Once they were sure he could survive by hunting for his own food he was then released back in the wild.

I was joined by Donna Hayes an wonderful friend to all animals, and the executive director of the Toronto Wildlife Centre Nathalie.  The owl did not want to leave the box.  He tried to hide under the paper. But once he left he took off so fast. Flew well and disappeared from sight.

Good luck little one.
Size of a pop can.


  1. Thanks for sharing Ann and taking me along

  2. Thank you so much Ed. I love being a volunteer